How to get started

Step 1: Register

For School Administrators; To register your school for the kubejara service, follow the 'Register Now' button above to provide the details of your school.

Step 2: Activate

After completing your registration, we will contact you within 24 hours by email and on phone and set up your account accordingly. You are all set!

Step 3: Get Started

Your school website is created and your students can follow a link to the application to register or your adminstration can register them depending on your account settings.

About Kubejara

What Is Kubejara

It is the product name of an online student information management system. Kubejara is a web application that is designed to run on a web server. The application is designed and implemented using PHP Codeigniter framework in order to achieve managing students' academic, bio and financial information for schools...

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How It Works

This System is designed to accommodate all those that are one way or another linked with student information in a school system. It has a range of users whose individual usage tantamount to the collective purpose of the System. They are:...

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How Can It Help Schools

It will help schools accurately and effectively manage students information ranging from academic to financial information. The system will ease access to information by teachers, students and the administrators as well, each accessing only the information relevant to one...

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Why Choose Kubejara

With kubejara, school administrators can easily compile a complete academic and financial profile of every individual in the school at the click of a button. Users enjoy free and unlimited technical support provided by the able and reliable folonk team...

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